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A bag of Fancy Chicken pelletized fertilizer

A Natural Soil Building Solution That Won’t Break The Bank!

I had a buddy that put it on his lawn (one section) and said, “look at this” and the difference was very noticeable. So I got some. Now I am getting more, and will be buying a lot more in the spring.

James (Verified Purchase)

Benefits of Pelletized Fertilizer

Benefits of Pelletized Fertilizer

All Natural

Using manure instead of synthetic fertilizers has many benefits, but no manure comes from an animal at exactly the optimized nutrient blend for all applications. Plants need more than just NPK. Poultry manure is so much more than just a fertilizer, and our careful blending from three different kinds of operations (Broiler, Layer, and Duck farms) allows us to offer a most complete product that feeds both the plants and the soil.

The organic matter and the beneficial microbes in your bag of Fancy Chicken work with the microbes already in your soil to activate abundant life at the cellular level, plus it provides soil structure. This allows it to retain water and the nutrients; food and drink for your plants when they need it!!

Your bag of Fancy Chicken contains the main nutrients of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK). It also contains the rest of the needs of your plants and garden. Calcium; Magnesium; Sulfur; Copper; Zinc; Iron; Molybdenum; Carbon-microbes; and more to make the whole growth process work optimally.

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Transform your garden with Regenerative Soil Building Agriculture

Fancy Chicken is a dry, stable product, and a complete plant/soil food containing all 13 elements that plants need to grow . Efficiency and effectiveness are keys to regenerative soil building agriculture, and our product is perfectly-aligned with best practices. When you use a bag of Fancy Chicken, not only do you get healthier more productive plants, but you are also taking a step towards a healthier, more-balanced planet.

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The Low-Cost, Powerful Pellet for Optimal Soil Health and Plant Growth!

Our pelletized fertilizer is the perfect cost effective way to heal and restore nutrients to your soil depleted by synthetic fertilizers. Our powerful pellets are an excellent source of slow-release nitrogen and can blend well with other fertilizers to save time and money while spreading.

These pellets can be applied during all stages of growth, including pre-planting. In addition pellets can help with drainage and aeration creating strong roots for your plants.

You won’t need any special equipment as these pellets are easy to handle and are spreadable with all types of equipment, even your hands.

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Highest Quality Fertilizer

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A bag of Fancy Chicken pelletized fertilizer

All Purpose Chicken Manure