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A bag of Fancy Chicken pelletized fertilizer

A Natural Soil Building Solution That Won’t Break The Bank!

I had a buddy that put it on his lawn (one section) and said, “look at this” and the difference was very noticeable. So I got some. Now I am getting more, and will be buying a lot more in the spring.

James (Verified Purchase)


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    Liquid fertilizer plays an important role in both gardening and agriculture. It guarantees plants receive vital nutrients faster. This rapid nutrient delivery system stands out for its efficiency. Plants absorb liquid fertilizers directly. Which speeds up their growth and enhances their health. The benefits of quick plant nutrition are numerous. It leads to stronger and…

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    When, Why, and How to Apply Organic Fertilizer in Your Garden

    Organic fertilizer is key for a green garden. It feeds plants and makes the soil better without chemicals. This fertilizer comes from natural things like plants, animal poo, and minerals. Choosing organic fertilizer is a smart move for anyone who wants a garden that does well and is good for the planet. It keeps the…

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    How to Grow an Organic Garden in Your Backyard

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    Herb Gardening in Your Backyard: A Step-By-Step Guide

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  6. Slow-Release Fertilizers

    How Slow-Release Fertilizers Can Transform Your Garden

    Slow-release fertilizers are a gardener’s best friend. They help plants grow strong and healthy. This special kind of food for plants gives them nutrients little by little. That way, plants only get a little all at once but enough over time. These fertilizers are great because they work longer, so you don’t have to feed…

  7. Chicken Manure as Fertilizer

    Manure as Fertilizer: Tips for an All-Natural Garden Boost

    Using manure as fertilizer is an age-old trick to keep gardens green and growing. It’s a natural option versus synthetic options, and it can give your plants a gentle, balanced feed. Manure comes packed with essential nutrients that plants need to flourish. It’s as good for new plantings as for established ones. Plus, it helps…

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    Cons of Chemical Fertilizers and Why You Should Skip it

    Exploring the cons of chemical fertilizers is crucial in understanding their impact on farming. Fertilizers are key in farming to help crops grow well. They speed up crop growth but can damage soil, water, and the environment over time. Using too much of them might leave the soil poor and pollute rivers and lakes. This…

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    Is Organic Fertilizer Better? A Comparative Study

    Is organic fertilizer better for your garden? This question has been debated for years by farmers and gardeners. As people become more aware of how traditional farming can harm the Earth, organic fertilizer is being seen as a possible greener and better option for plants. This subject involves understanding soil biology, the costs of farming,…

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    Is 10 10 10 Fertilizer Organic? Demystifying the Truth

    “Is 10 10 10 Fertilizer Organic?” is a question often asked by gardeners seeking to maintain sustainable and eco-friendly practices in their gardens. Fertilizers play a critical role in the growth and health of plants, with the 10 10 10 fertilizer being a popular choice due to its balanced blend of nutrients. However, the distinction…