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A bag of Fancy Chicken pelletized fertilizer

A Natural Soil Building Solution That Won’t Break The Bank!

I had a buddy that put it on his lawn (one section) and said, “look at this” and the difference was very noticeable. So I got some. Now I am getting more, and will be buying a lot more in the spring.

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  1. Seasonal gardening during spring.

    Seasonal Gardening: What to Plant and When

    In seasonal gardening, timing is key. Plant peas and leafy greens in spring, then switch to tomatoes and petunias for summer heat. Fall is ideal for root vegetables and spring-blooming bulbs, whereas winter, in milder areas, suits cold-hardy crops and indoor herbs. This approach maximizes your garden’s production year-round. By aligning with nature’s cycles, you…

  2. Vertical gardening in the backyard.

    The Benefits of Vertical Gardening in Your Backyard

    Vertical gardening uses hydroponics to grow plants on a vertically suspended panel. These gardens are gaining popularity as they allow for gardening in small spaces. This type of gardening can transform your backyard into a lush area. Aesthetic Enhancement of Your Space Creating focal points with vertical gardening involves several strategies. Here are some key…

  3. Watermelon.

    The Secrets on How to Grow Sweet Fruits in Your Garden

    Have you ever wondered how to grow sweet fruits right in your backyard? The joy of walking through your garden and picking a freshly ripened fruit bursting with sweetness is unmatched. It’s a rewarding hobby and offers the freshest produce for your table. Growing sweet fruits successfully in your garden hinges on understanding a few…

  4. How to plant a vegetable garden.

    Step by Step Guide on How to Plant a Vegetable Garden

    Are you curious about how to plant a vegetable garden? This process can be simple, enjoyable, and incredibly rewarding, providing fresh produce for your kitchen. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the fundamental stages of setting up your own garden, emphasizing the importance of each phase and providing practical tips to get you…

  5. Backyard landscape ideas during nightime.

    Easy Yet Effective Backyard Landscape Ideas

    Looking for amazing backyard landscape ideas? You’re in the right place! Backyard landscaping is more than just a way to make your outdoor space look good. It can turn your backyard into a cozy, relaxing spot or a fun area to entertain friends and family. We will explore and share some easy yet effective ideas…

  6. So many farmers harvesting in a farm that used organic fertilizers.

    The Science Behind Organic Fertilizers: Nutrient Availability and Uptake

    Organic fertilizers play a crucial role in sustainable agriculture, offering a natural way to nourish plants. Made from plant, animal, or mineral sources, these fertilizers break down and enrich the soil, supporting plant growth. This blog explores how organic fertilizers help in nutrient availability and uptake, ensuring plants get the nutrition they need to thrive….

  7. A happy farmer with his harvest using Organic Fertilizer

    Common Myths and Misconceptions About Organic Fertilizers

    Organic fertilizers are natural materials used in gardening and farming to enrich soil health. These substances are derived from plant or animal matter, including compost, manure, and bone meal. The purpose of this is to debunk myths and misconceptions about organic fertilizers. Many people hold false beliefs about organic fertilizers’ effectiveness, safety, and usage. Today,…

  8. Organic Fertilizers From Animal Waste

    Understanding Nutrient Ratios in Organic Fertilizers

    Organic gardening is enjoying a surge in popularity, driven by an increased awareness of the environment and a desire to eat healthier, more sustainable produce. A key factor in the success of any organic garden is the health of the soil, and an essential component of soil health is the nutrient content.  This is where…

  9. Woman having a slow-release fertilizers in a bucket

    How Slow-Release Fertilizers Can Transform Your Garden

    Slow-release fertilizers are unique products that offer nutrients to plants over time. They differ from regular fertilizers because they do not release all their goodness at once. Instead, they give your plants a steady supply of food. This method supports healthy growth without overwhelming your garden. This gradual process transforms how plants grow, bloom, and…

  10. Spraying a Liquid Fertilizer on Plants

    Making the Most of Liquid Fertilizer for Quick Plant Nutrition

    Liquid fertilizer plays an important role in both gardening and agriculture. It guarantees plants receive vital nutrients faster. This rapid nutrient delivery system stands out for its efficiency. Plants absorb liquid fertilizers directly. Which speeds up their growth and enhances their health. The benefits of quick plant nutrition are numerous. It leads to stronger and…