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A Natural Soil Building Solution That Won’t Break The Bank!

I had a buddy that put it on his lawn (one section) and said, “look at this” and the difference was very noticeable. So I got some. Now I am getting more, and will be buying a lot more in the spring.

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Prevent Soil Degradation

How We Prevent Soil Degradation?

Transform Your Garden

Amazing Cost-Effective, All-Natural Soil Booster!

Soil degradation has become a global issue. Consumerism has created an unsustainable demand for quantity over quality. Gardeners and farmers around the world are experiencing the negative effects of this as quick production leeches the nutrients out of our soil, creating less and less yield.

In addition to the vital nutrients of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, Fancy Chicken Helps to Prevent Soil Degradation. Fancy Chicken contains other nutrients vital to the needs of your plants and soil. Calcium-Magnesium-Sulfur-Copper-Zinc-Iron-Molybdenum and Carbon microbes encourage the Whole growth process to work optimally. You will find that not only does our organic fertilizer boost crop growth, but it dramatically restores the soil’s defense mechanism and support system. This increases crop immune response which positively impacts yields and quality of the cash crop.

Prevent Soil Degradation

Farmers Have Unlocked the Secret to Thriving Plants with Affordable and All-Natural Soil Building Pellets!

When it comes to farming, fertilizer is essential. In 2022 commercial fertilizer prices reached a record high, more than doubling prices. In addition to the pricing increase, farmers are clamoring for chicken and livestock waste to give their crops and soil a healthier nutrient boost as chemical-based products become unaffordable and cause nutrient death to the soil.

The overuse of synthetic fertilizers leads to the accumulation of chemicals and salts that kill essential microbes and organisms, thus compromising soil structure and fertility. This eventually results in reduced crop yields which is obviously an undesirable outcome. Especially for large commercial fertilizer users.

Pelletized organic chicken fertilizer is one of the best solutions for this problem because it is made from natural chicken manure, which is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These nutrients help to enhance the soil’s health, structure, and fertility by promoting microbial activity, improving air, water, and nutrient retention, and increasing soil organic matter content. Moreover, organic chicken fertilizer is an inexpensive and readily available source of nutrients that provides long-term benefits to soil health.

In summary, organic chicken fertilizer offers farmers an eco-friendly way to improve soil health by replacing synthetic fertilizers, which over time have detrimental effects on soil structure, fertility, and crop yields.

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Discover the benefits of Cost effective, Soil building, All natural poultry based fertilizer

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A bag of Fancy Chicken pelletized fertilizer

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